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We Did it... We Made Top 10 On U.S. Billboard!

On behalf of the musicians who arranged and performed this music, our producer - 3x Grammy winner Tim Sonnefeld, and Crossover Records, we are all grateful for your support to help us achieve this milestone. We could not have done it without you!

And thank you to every new face that I met over the past month at our Southern California Farmers Markets. I never realized the community we have until so many of you introduced yourselves to me, and it was really special to witness firsthand this deep sense of community and neighborly support there still is for one another, especially when it comes to supporting local musicians and artists. It is because of people like you that give me hope for the future of music in the post-pandemic world.

Now onto the next chapter…

The Grammys!

I have been a voting member since 2016 and for the first time ever, I have the support of an incredible team Crossover Records who have submitted “Summer” for consideration for best new album in the classical compendium category. I am truly honored to be considered and I hope everyone enjoys our unique arrangements of these seven beautiful songs.

So thank you, and I look forward to bringing you the third album in this album series,

which is coming up next... Autumn!


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