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Wrapping Up 2022 With Laura Auer, On Her Year Full Of Disney Magic

As seen in Digital Journal on December 12th:

A highly versatile vocalist, Laura Auer (pronounced “OU-?r”) is an American soprano singer and songwriter, garnering an international following for performing both classical and mainstream music and also for writing her own songs. Her contemporary arrangements of soprano repertoire are rapidly gaining popularity in the classical crossover and musical theater genres, reaching more than 10K Spotify listeners this month. One of those arrangements was by Japanese classical pianist, Leiki Ueda, who collaborated with Auer on a recording of “So This Is Love” from Walt Disney’s Cinderella, which was released on Auer’s album “Spring” earlier this year and became the catalyst that set things in motion for Auer.

“Spring” is the first of a four-part album project consisting of classical music and standards, all themed around each of the four seasons and all of which Auer ambitiously undertook to record with a small team of musicians from all around the world, halfway through the pandemic.