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At first, her audience knew her as the singer songwriter from Philadelphia by another name, but now the sensual soprano is returning to her classical roots to conceive a new musical style all her own, with her latest Top 10 Billboard Charting album series, SEASONS.

Laura Auer (OU-ər) grew up learning music on the viola, and despite never singing publicly before age 17, she studied Vocal Performance at Pennsylvania State University and trained as a classical singer. Auer also regularly taught yoga, infusing world music and large group meditation chants called "Kirtan concerts” with live musicians into her classes. She credits Sting, Sade and Ofra Haza as heavy influences on her musical-spiritual-philosophical exploration, which ultimately guided her decision to stray from the natural career path towards opera or Broadway and follow her own path in music. In 2014, Auer released her first album, "Chasing Down the Dream” using her mother’s maiden surname, Laura Promiscuo. She won The Philadelphia Songwriters Contest in 2015 and toured across the United States the following year. Auer then relocated to Los Angeles and worked with 3x Grammy winning producer Tim Sonnefeld, who developed Auer’s original pop songs with world-beats and heavier orchestral production, coining her sound as “popra.” Sonnefeld and Auer have performed at hotspot music venues all around Los Angeles including Pour Vous, The Viper Room, and The Hotel Cafe. During covid, Auer concluded that a large part of her story was still missing in her music; her soprano voice. This inspired her to start a fresh discography under her newly married name, and so she decided to revisit some of her favorite classical repertoire for her first official releases as Laura Auer. To prepare, she trained with Maestra Capucine Chiaudani of Italy’s Mediterranean Opera Studio, who brought out Auer’s natural instinct for a particular singing style referred to as “bel canto,” or “beautiful singing,” that became popular in Italy during the early 19th century to describe a lighter, more lyrical and sweet-toned singing style in opposition to the traditionally heavier and weightier German operas. This lit a spark in Auer and the pieces began to fit together. She worked with arrangers and musicians from around the world to create brand new, unique arrangements of her current and older repertoire, all highlighting Auer’s feminine and lyrical singing style and the fullness of her vocal range; a completely modern take on the true meaning of bel canto. In 2022, Auer performed her breakout cover of "So This Is Love” from her album “Spring” as well as other classic Disney hits with Taiwan's premiere Evergreen Symphony Orchestra in Disney’s Fantasy Symphony Live Tour. Her following album in the series, “Summer," charted at #8 on the US Billboard Charts in Classical Crossover, and the third album, “Autumn,” featured Ireland’s leading Celtic flutist, Michael McGoldrick on Auer’s lyrical adaptation of “Carrickfergus.” The fourth and final album in the series, “Winter,” is set to release in November of 2023.

Shoutout LA Magazine

“Being brave on a regular basis got a lot easier when I moved to LA, because I am surrounded by risk takers and movers and shakers here. I feel the energy in the vortex, and I let it move me along. I suggest for anyone seeking an ambition to live somewhere that supports your energy in an exciting and competitive way."

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