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My new album SPRING out today!

Today, Friday April 22, 2022 (Los Angeles CA) - I celebrate my first album release in what seems like a hundred years and I am so excited to share new music with you.

The story is: I sat quietly for two years while we all wondered what would come of 2022. Personally, I felt lost for a long time. I arrived at the place where I didn't know what to sing or what to write or why. I prayed a lot, and I asked the universe what to do, and one day I heard a voice in the silence of my mind. I can't make this up, it simply said:

"Become who you've always been."

I thought ok, I will go back to the beginning. For me, that's always been classical music. Before I was a singer, I played the viola in orchestra all my life and studied opera in college. So I dusted off my sheet music. I looked for a voice coach. And the collection of songs you will hear this year is that very day when I prayed to the universe, manifested roughly eight months later.